Inescapable Obstacle Of The Migration

  • The migration of the wildebeest is one of the biggest phenomenal taking place on earth, they undergo some of the biggest obstacle to complete one cycle of almost 600 miles. The first obstacle they must overcome is going through the Grumeti River on the western part of Serengeti, The River is infested by some of the biggest crocodiles on earth, and a lot of them will die because of their temptation to quench their thirst.
  • After going through the Grumeti River some of them will go out of the park and with the locals around a great number of them will be decimated down.
  • Crossing the Mara River is always the biggest challenge of all, apart from the crocodile infested waters unlike its brother Grumeti the water here is flowing and there is always high risk of a few thousands to be washed by the flowing River.
  • We at ASALI AFRICA are proud to take you to these premier place.

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