Coined By Big Hunters

When you start researching in Africa the term “Big Five” often crops up. The “Big 5” refers to the African: elephant, rhino, lion, buffalo and leorpard.  Well, the term “big five” was actually coined by big game hunters referring to the animals which were dangerous for them to hunt. What? A better place for the big five than the plains of Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Ruaha or off the bitten trucks of Selouse. We know guest come with a check list to tick the big five, our plea is don’t rush down to see an elephant while you pass a rare hunting dog. Our guides will always open their field guides book and tell you what animals to look in the different habitat you will be maneuvering through, these will open up and realize the beautiful animals and what more we have to offer apart from the big five. Often you will hear guides talking of small five and big five,

SMALL FIVE, Elephant shrew, White headed buffalo weaver, Leopard tortoise, Rhinoceros beetle, and Ant lion.

UGLY FIVE, Warthog, Hyena, Marabou stock, Vultures, and Mole rat.

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