Hot Air Balloon

Can you imagine viewing the vastness of Serengeti in a hot air balloon? Serengeti Balloon Safaris will have you floating high in the sky where you can witness wildlife from a completely different perspective. The open plains are imaginable from the air and when the pilots flows low to watch a pride of lion lording themselves or hippos walking to the water after their night expedition.

Dance With The Maasai

During my safari with Asali Africa, we were taken to visit a maasai tribe. We were immediately welcomed by the residents with a lively dance, which consisted of chanting in combination with the men jumping high and the women performing in a rhythmic bouncing motion.  I was brought into the center of the group to participate into this tradition. The memories are still fresh like it was yesterday.

Horseback riding

If you enjoy horseback riding why not spend a few hours of your safari riding, day excursions add a new dimension to an African safari. As the wild animals are more comfortable with the site and smell of horses in the bush, wildlife can be closely approached. Relive the pioneering days of untamed Africa or ride slowly through beautiful mountain forests as colorful birds flutter from tree to tree. (Arusha National Park)

Cultural interaction

Walk or hike through wild and remote areas of Africa while learning the secrets of the bush from your expert guide. Most people enjoy a 2 to 3 hour walk from the lodge in the morning with a game drive in the afternoon. Whole day walking safaris are also possible. Walks are usually slow paced over even terrain. To walk with the wildlife in Africa is an experience not to be missed. (Arusha national park, Tarangire, Manyara, Ruaha, Katavi, Mahale and Selous.

Cultural interaction

From bustling city markets to remote fishing villages, the options for interaction with the wonderful people of Africa are endless. Many guests choose to visit small villages near where they are staying to get a glimpse of African culture. These short visits are often viewed by guests as the most rewarding and eye opening part of a safari in Africa. Opportunities exist for the more adventurous to spend one or more days/nights living in villages and sharing in the chores that fill African day. From carrying water and firewood to sitting for hours around a smoky fire many people feel that their lives are forever changed by this experience. (Bushmen’s, Maasai and Iraq people)


Imagine sleeping in a dome tent as elephant browse through your camp, or sleeping on an island in the middle of a river under a mosquito net while hippo snort nearby or the middle of Serengeti . Camping in the wilds of Africa is an exhilarating experience.

Boating and Canoeing

Boating in Africa has to be one of the most rewarding activities anyone can experience in their lives. In the company of an experienced guide guests may enjoy boat trips lasting from a few hours. An ideal addition to any safari is to spend three days floating casually along a remote African river. Hippos and crocodile abound along with other wildlife including elephant, buffalo, and numerous species of antelope and birdlife. Some lodges include boating as an activity to be enjoyed at your leisure. Boating is generally not strenuous and both young and old find boating to be a memorable experience. Selous, Saadani and Ruaha.

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